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Scar as shown in 'The Lion King''"You see? He admits it! Murderer!"

Scar is a Disney villain of Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom. He is from the 1994 Disney Film, The Lion King. After leaning that Simba is destined to become the next Lion King, Scar becomes increasingly angered by this and decides to take matters into his paws.

After deceiving and luring the cub into the Elephant Graveyard doesn't work as planned, Scar forms the plan to trap him and Mufasa in a wildebeest Stampede, Simba survives but Scar manages to kill Mufasa by tossing down into the herd below. After which, Scar blames Simba for the death and urges him to run away. Returning home Scar claims to the others that Simba and Mufasa are dead and claims the throne, allowing the hyenas to roam and eat as they please.

Whilst Simba is living with Timon and Pumbaa, Scar's neglect of the Circle of Life and his allowance of the hyenas causes the entire land to run dry of food and water, leaving many to starve and/or die. Despite the complaints, Scar continued to assume he was a superior king to Mufasa and punishes any who dare say otherwise. When Simba returns however, he ends up trying to use the death of Mufasa against him, but makes a mistake in telling Simba, causing Simba to force the truth out of him and forces Scar to run off. When Simba corners Scar, Scar attempts to frame the hyenas but Simba doesn't listen and banishes Scar. Scar tries to fight Simba, but it ends up failing, causing him to plummet to the ground where the hyenas attack Scar and force all of them to die by the fires of Pride Rock.

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Arisen from the dead by Hades himself, Hades makes a deal with Scar in which that if Scar helps him take over Adventureland and find the shard of the crystal of the Magic Kingdom then Hades will grant Scar immortality.

Scar then rallies the hyenas, led by Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, in order to start an elephant stampede. In doing so, chaos will ensure and he will find the crystal.

To stop Scar and his dark magic, Merlin summons the Sorcerer, then entrusts Rafiki to guide them as he deals with an ambush in the Jungle Cruise. Rafiki informs the Sorcerer about what is going on and informs them that they must stop Scar and defeat him in order to restore the broken Circle of Life.

After defeating Banzai, Scar then gathers the hyenas to angrily scold them for failing to complete their 'small task' and even goes on as to claim he seems to be the only one 'capable of doing anything right'. After doing so, the Sorcerer then discredits him by using the Sorcerer's Crest [The Symbol found the back of the spell cards] to break a branch off a tree and cause him to be injured in front of them. Since he claimed that he was invincible and forced them to obey, Shenzi immediately gets angry that this 'lyin', mangy, no-good, wannabe king of the savanna' lied to them and leaves with the hyenas.

After which, Scar returns to Hades and pleads that if he wishes to rule the land, he must become far powerful than his brother, Mufasa. Hades reminds him that if he wants any type of help or to even keep the deal going, Scar has to 'get the elephants moving' and bring Hades the crystal. After Hades leaves, Scar notices the Sorcerer and congrats said person on besting him before, but then says that the person must fight him.

Ending 1: After Scar is defeated, Hades sees that Scar is beaten and gets annoyed with him. But seeing he needs an 'Underworld Pick-Me-Up', Hades changes Scar into a powerful storm, and sets him out to the Pride Lands. The Sorcerer begins to fight him, but Scar threatens to use his lightning to stampede the elephants. But Rafiki tells the Sorcerer has already sent the elephants home and now they must 'blow that storm away'. Merlin then tells the Sorcerer to use any spell card to stop him, and afterwards Scar is defeated, screaming out 'Noooooo' in a similar style to Simba. Hades facepalms himself afterwards, angered with Scar's decision to become a cloud, asking "Who's afraid of a cloud?!"

Ending 2: After Scar is beaten, the cave ends up caving in, covering the portal in rocks. Once the rocks part away, Scar is shown to be knocked out. But to his luck, the crystal appears and he reaches for it. It ends up giving him unimaginable power. Now in a demonic-lion form, Scar chuckles and warns the Sorcerer:

"I have only one bit of advice for you. RUN!"

Before swiping at the Sorcerer, snarling and growling as he watches them, Merlin then repeats the original lines: "Use any of your spell cards, Sorcerer! A-And finish Scar!"

After the Sorcerer beats Scar, the rocks cave in once more, crushing the lion as he screams "Noooooooo!" once more.However this time, Scar manages to send the crystal to Hades himself as he passes on.

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Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed


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