King Mufasa

King Mufasa as he appears in 'The Lion King' "Remember who you are. You are my son and the one true king."

Mufasa Edit

King Mufasa is an mentioned character in Sorcerers in the Magic Kingdom.

His first appearance is in the 1994 film 'The Lion King'. He appears as the mighty king of the savanna, respected and loved by every animal. He is seen witnessing the christening of his newborn son, Simba, proudly smiling all the way though. Following that, he confronts Scar soon after, dealing with him after he failed to attend Simba's presentation, even getting angry when Scar seems to pass off everything that is said to him. Soon after, he goes off to teach Simba about the responsibilities of the king, telling him how he must understand the balance of nature and respect all creatures within the Circle of Life. Upon Zazu's arrival to deliver the Morning Report and also warning them about hyenas wandering the lands however, Mufasa takes off to deal with the hyenas and orders Zazu to take Simba home, not wanting to put Simba in danger. 

Following Scar's plan of luring Simba into the elephant graveyard, Mufasa stops the hyenas from attacking Simba and Nala, he then warns the hyenas to never 'come near his son again' before turning his anger to Simba, scolding him for putting the two cubs in danger. Before softening up upon hearing Simba's intentions and the sobs, letting the young cub know that he was afraid for Simba's life and tells him that he should 'never go looking for trouble' if he wishes to truly be brave. After that, Mufasa informs Simba to look upon the stars if he ever feels alone and needs guidance from the Great Kings. 

The following day, Mufasa ends up noticing (through Zazu perched upon his shoulder) the rising dust forming up in the gorge and realize that the wildebeest herds are oddly moving on. But thanks to Scar, he finds out that Simba in in the gorge and takes off to save his son. He is killed shortly after by Scar, the latter tossing him down the jagged incline into the stampede below. 

Later on, Rafiki manages to lead Simba to the grasslands of the jungle, showing him a reflecting pool that changes to show the reflection of Mufasa. The great king returns as a spiritual guide ( or a 'Lion of the Past') and tells Simba that he must 'take his place in the Circle of Life'. 

For his final moment in the film, he whispers 'Remember...' to Simba as he ascends up Pride Rock.  

After the events of 'The Lion King'. Mufasa later acts as a guide to Kion during his role as leader of the Lion Guard. 

His role in 'Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom'. Edit


While neither a playable spell card nor a shown character, Mufasa is briefly mentioned by Scar, the dark lion informing Hades during the third/final battle that in order to rule the land, Scar must before more powerful than his brother. Also, in the original releases of the game, Scar's final form (the storm version) resembled Mufasa's ghost version that appears in the Lion King Franchise and in the Lion Guard.